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Mini Split Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance on your HVAC systems can not only save you on energy costs by helping your system run efficiently but will also help you avoid your system dying an early death that require expensive repairs or replacement. The life expectancy of a HVAC system with professional maintenance is 20-25 years, where if you completely neglect your system after install, the life expectancy is reduced to 5-10 years.


MVMSR offers a range of maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget. It’s our responsibility to ensure your HVAC system performs properly today, tomorrow, and for years to come- bringing you on-going peace of mind. By participating in one of our maintenance plans, we will take care of system diagnosis, troubleshooting, and maintenance.


Below are some of the features included with your maintenance visit:

• Check temperature readings on each indoor & outdoor units

• Visual inspection of each indoor & outdoor units

• Auditory inspection of each indoor & outdoor units

• Inspection of control (indoor units)

• Inspection of functions (indoor units)

• Inspection of filters (indoor units)

• Power and surge inspection (outdoor unit)

Reach out to us today to get your custom pricing for a maintenance plan!

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